2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Edition 55 Revealed

2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Edition 55 – To celebrate the five decades of AMG, Mercedes-AMG is releasing the limited version of the 2022 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 A four-door sedan that is named Edition 55. It will come with the buyers the benefit of a number of characteristics that are aerodynamic and improvement in design. The Edition 55 model will only be restricted to 55 units in the U.S. and will go into production later in the year. It will be the 2023 version.

2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Edition 55 Features
2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Edition 55 Features

2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Edition 55 Review

AMG fans will not be able to ignore the enhancements Mercedes has made to the CLA45 Edition 55. CLA45 Edition 55. All models will come with Aerodynamics that are sourced from AMG in the standard. Although it’s real that CLA45 edition 55 is available with Digital White Metallic paint in certain markets, customers who live in the U.S. will get the car in Cosmos Black Metallic, which is the only color available. It will have numerous high-gloss black accents throughout the car to enhance the modern style of its exterior.


Let’s start with Aerodynamics Package. Aerodynamics Package it is the only change to Edition 55. Edition 55 is the only one that has a significant impact on how the car is driven from high altitude. Aerodynamics has an apron on the front and an improved front splitter, and an AMG back wing, which are brand new deflectors that are placed on the air outlets along the side of the rear apron and the air diffuser blade. The new wing designs increase the efficiency of the car while driving in fast-moving traffic. Mercedes stated, that when parked, the new wing designs will have black accents with high gloss, which will complement the numerous visual changes.


This contains the AMG Night package as well as the AMG Night package in addition to and AMG Night package II which offers a high-gloss black finish on the splitter in the front, as well as trimming elements such as those found on the AMG Side sills and windows line strip as well as the housings for mirrors that are on the exterior. The black chrome can be seen on the tailpipe and the louvers on the grille on top. Additionally, the AMG emblems which are visible on the side of the car are available in a variety of shades or are transparent to blend into the surrounding area in which they are placed. The CLA45 Edition 55 comes with 19-inch AMG cross-spoke wheel forged using a matt gray finish. Plus, surprise, the additional “Edition 55” design element.

2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Edition 55 Features Interior
2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Edition 55 Features Interior


The interior has been redesigned in black and red which is the color scheme of the Edition 55 series. Its CLA45 Edition 55 features red-illuminated lettering in the sills of the front doors as well with red and black floor mats and AMG Performance seats which are covered in two-tone red and black Nappa leather. A custom AMG indoor Car Cover is an additional option.


Mercedes-AMG’s celebration of its birthday worldwide has included for the world–i.e. markets around the world–Edition 55 variants, which include the models A35 and A45 CLA35 as well as G63. A brand new model, called the 2022 Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 55 was introduced within the U.S. in March (limited to 55 units) It is distinctive in its appearance and exterior and an interior that is black and red, with lots of “55” references.

2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Edition 55 Features Review
2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Edition 55 Features Review

2023 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Edition 55 Released

Mercedes hasn’t yet released prices for its CLA45 Edition 55 model within the U.S., but we are able to estimate the estimated cost extra based on the particular models for purchase in Germany. In Germany Edition 55 versions of the CLA45 4Matic and CLA45 S 4Matic can purchase for an additional cost of $13,100 up to $14,870 based on the engine.