2024 Ford Fusion Active : Everything We Know So Far

2024 Ford Fusion Active – It is expected that the all-new station wagon that looks like a crossover, the 2024 Ford Fusion Active, will be produced the year after that, and it will have an appearance that is quite enticing. Even though there isn’t a lot of information available about Ford’s next vehicle, we have a strong suspicion that it will be in direct competition with the Subaru Outback. According to the information that we have, the all-wheel drive system will be a standard feature on the new model that will be released. In addition to that, it will feature a plastic coating all over its body and an enhanced riding height.

2024 Ford Fusion Active
2024 Ford Fusion Active

In addition to the type that runs on gasoline, there have been rumors going around that a hybrid engine, as well as a plug-in hybrid engine, would also be made available. We have had the opportunity to acquire some renderings of the next-generation Ford Fusion Active, and based on what we have seen, the automobile seems to be an outstanding illustration of Ford’s most current design language. This is the information that we presently have about Fusion Active, and it includes the following:

  • Year of manufacture 2024 for the Ford Fusion
  • A conceptual rendering of the Active trim level of the 2024 Ford Fusion

2024 Ford Fusion Active Redesign

The drawings and spy photographs that have been made public so far suggest that the forthcoming 2024 Ford Fusion Active will have a look that is not too far off from the present day. It makes use of the same design language as the most current edition of the Ford Focus, which was seen on that vehicle. The front fascia is our favorite aspect about it, which is dominated by a black grille and incredibly eye-catching headlights. This is our favorite thing about it. This is the aspect of it that appeals to us the most.

In addition to that, it has a hood that slopes downward, and it also has gorgeous wheels. Another thing that attracted our notice was a huge fender flare that had a black paint job on it. We are unable to get a good look at the model from behind because of the thick camouflage that is hiding the body of the model that has been found. In most cases, we assume that there will be a tail light that covers the whole of the tailgate.


The Mach-E, which is the crossover version of the Mustang, and the mid-size Explorer SUV are two vehicles whose interiors are expected to serve as inspiration for the design of the cabin of the 2024 Ford Fusion Active. The Mach-E is the crossover version of the Mustang. In light of this, you should expect an interior that is rather spacious and offers appropriate space for as many as five people. As a result of the fact that this model will compete with the Subaru Outback, it is essential for it to have a capacious trunk space in addition to a rear seat that is both comfortable and roomy. In addition to this, we should be prepared for a gauge cluster that is totally digital, a massive center screen that is oriented vertically, and the most current edition of Ford’s Sync infotainment system. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be offered as standard features, while it is anticipated that an integrated navigation system and a Wi-Fi hotspot would be offered as optional extras. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be available.

2024 Ford Fusion Active Interior
2024 Ford Fusion Active Interior


We are sorry to report that at this time, we do not have any official details concerning the engine and transmission options that are available for the 2024 Ford Fusion Active. It has been hypothesized that the new model would come standard with all-wheel drive, and it is very probable that hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains will also be offered as options. It is noteworthy to note that both powertrains are also available as an option in the Escape car, which is a somewhat smaller version of the Escape.  This suggests that the car will most likely be equipped with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine in addition to two electric motors. There is a good chance that the gas-only configuration of the Escape will be inherited by the Fusion Active. This model comes standard with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that has a displacement of 2.0 liters and is capable of generating 250 horsepower. It is essential to be aware that this particular model makes use of an automatic gearbox that is equipped with eight distinct gear ratios.

2024 Ford Fusion Active Specs
2024 Ford Fusion Active Specs

2024 Ford Fusion Active Release Date & Price

Due to the fact that Blue Oval did not disclose any information on the product’s cost or the projected release date, we are left with little of a choice other than to rely on speculation. According to the information that is presently available, the most fundamental version of the new 2024 Ford Fusion Active might perhaps have a price tag that falls within the center of the $35,000 price range. Even though we have no idea what trim levels would be provided, there have been rumblings that it would be equivalent to contemporary Ford cars in that respect. This is despite the fact that we have no idea what trim levels would be offered. It is probable that sales of the new Ford Fusion Active may get underway before the summer of the year after next.