2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport : All We Know About the Next EV Rich SUV

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport – Jaguar Land Rover is taking an innovative strategy. Thierry Bollore is the new CEO of Jaguar Land Rover. Instead of seeking millions of dollars in annual volume, they’ll focus on maximizing profits and creating premium cars that have huge margins. 2024’s Land Rover Discovery Sport is one of these cars. A brand new EV technology will offer it a complete overhaul.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Changes
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Changes

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Review

Jaguar’s plans incorporate EVs as a major part as they do for other car makers. Jaguar will switch to EVs only in 2025. Land Rover division will continue to provide ICE engines for larger vehicles like Range Rover. Range Rover, but they will be sold in conjunction with electric versions. JLR states they will ensure that the Land Rover brand will receive six electric models that are pure in the next five years and will also offer an electrified version of each model by the end of this decade. The large SUVs of Land Rover including they are the Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover, and Range Rover Sport will be riding on a pliable Modular Longitudinal Architecture platform (MLA). The platform is able to be used using either a gas engine as well as an electric one. The brand new Range Rover will be the first to make use of these platforms. Less expensive models such as the Land Rover Discovery Sport or Range Rover Evoque will change towards the Electric Modular Architecture (EMA) and are expected to comprise about half of LR sales by 2030.

We’re not expecting any significant styling changes between the present car and the new model due to be released in 2024. It will arrive one year after the launch of the new Evoque. It’s likely to be the case that the Sport will be able to adopt the controversial back design from the Discovery. The new model will have doors with flush handles as well as slim LED headlights and a more clean, modern front design. It is likely that the brand new infotainment system to be used on the 2022 Range Rover replacement will be available on different Land Rover models. This display was shown in a test. The EMA platform’s flat-floor design can allow for more space inside. It also has a bigger screen and digital instrument.


The EMA platform comes with two options to drive the wheels. One option offers two-wheel drive for city-based entry-level automobiles, and two other options will offer all-wheel drive. Autocar suggests that Evoque, as well as Disco Sports, will use pure BEVs and draw power from huge batteries under the floor, whereas others will have smaller batteries with an extender gasoline motor.


This engine’s “lean-burn” compact size won’t directly drive the wheels, but instead will be utilized to recharge the battery. It’s the same technique BMW employed to hybridize its i3 urban car. Mazda will apply it to the range-extension models of the MX-30. JLR could drastically cut down on the number of ICE engines it must build by changing its conventional ICE layout to an extension of range. Autocar informs us that JLR has told investors that it will cut down its the number of internal combustion engines to a simple electric ICE. This would reduce the need for diesel and costly after-treatments. JLR announced that they are currently working on zero-emissions fuel cells to meet future demands. It is possible that hydrogen will replace ICE range extenders when the infrastructure and the customers are in place. But, it’s quite a ways off. In the UK there are only eleven hydrogen fuel stations in operation and there are more than 88,000 fuel stations that are traditional. It’s also interesting to note that some major carmakers have stopped using hydrogen completely.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Specs
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Specs

Charging System

Similar to cars such as the Porsche Taycan or Hyundai Ioniq The following Discovery Sport, as well as the Evoque, will use the 800v technology that is fast-charging. For those who are unwilling to sacrifice gasoline, current vehicles that utilize 800v technology can boost the driving distance up to 60 miles in only five minutes. It could be, however, for the Evoque and Discovery Sport could surpass other 800v vehicles. Autocar reports that JLR claims that the EMA platform cars come with an efficiency score that is 4-4.5 MPG/kWh. A lot of EVs that achieve this efficiency is less efficient than the EVs that came before them.


The EMA platform is equipped with EV powertrains. However, the primary aspect is the introduction of an entirely new electrical structure. It may sound dull but the potential of the platform is truly amazing. This platform, along with the Evoque, Discovery Sport, and other vehicles are able to provide online updates, in-car payments, and Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities. Land Rover started offering front-wheel-drive versions of its vehicles around a decade ago and acknowledged that the majority of its vehicles do not venture off the road but instead, park on the sidewalk using two wheels. The reputation of the brand is at stake therefore that the vehicle to follow Disco Sport will be able to provide an impressive off-road performance. The motors’ accuracy in delivering torque directly to the wheels makes the Sport so versatile.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Release Date
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Release Date

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Price & Release Date

The present Discovery Sport costs 37800 dollars in the U.S., and PS32,430 in the UK. But prices are expected to rise because those who own the Evoque, Discovery Sport, and EMA vehicles become more expensive because of JLR’s emphasis on profit and the volume of sales.