2024 Mini Countryman Spotted with Bold New Design

2024 Mini Countryman – The world of automobiles is in change as carmakers chart towards an electric-only future. Mini is one of the brands that is moving in this direction and the next-gen Mini hardtop becoming smaller and more electric. However, in 2024, the Mini Countryman won’t suffer either of these fates. The Countryman will continue to be powered by combustion and will be larger than before. As the German and British automaker prepares the crossover for a to unveil in the coming months our spy spies have taken new images of the Countryman being tested in the winter months. The photos of the exterior aren’t much in comparison to the previous time we saw these models and today we have our first glimpse of the inside of the largest Mini around.

2024 Mini Countryman
2024 Mini Countryman

2024 Mini Countryman Review

In this photo, we observe how the Countryman will be a re-interpretation of the Cooper Hardtop’s small interior design clues. It will feature a huge central infotainment screen that is with a distinctive circular design that is now frameless. But, unlike the leaked images of the upcoming Mini Hardtop, this screen doesn’t appear to be floating in the same way. Contrary to the previous model, however, this Countryman will also feature an incredibly small screen in front of the driver’s head to allow for instrumentation, and another screen on the dash functions as an up-to-date display. The screen in front of the driver screen might be fake but. It could be moved to the windscreen at a later point in the development process. The shrouding is covering a lot of the dashboard there are air vents that are horizontal on the side that is occupied by the passenger. As with the other models, a set of switches be used to control the basic functions like ignition and climate control.

What kind of Mini will brand the car as a flagship performance model is in the dark. The quad exhausts on this prototype and mono-bloc brake calipers suggest that it’s a performance-oriented derivative, at a minimum it’s the Cooper S. But the absence of hybrid marks legally needed on German test vehicles suggests that it’s an ICE-powered car.


The cabin is where Countryman owners will have access to the largest center touchscreen as well as a tiny digital instrument package with modernized switchgear that appears to have a fake ignition key in the middle of the dashboard, as it was used in the 1960s Minis. However, with touchscreens and four-wheel-drive, electric mode as well as the power that supercars could not manage in the early days of Minis This is everything that the new car has in common with its name.

2024 Mini Countryman Specs
2024 Mini Countryman Specs


The exterior pictures confirm earlier information that suggested the new Countryman will be larger than before, increasing by as much as 7.5 inches in length overall.

Engine & Specs

The Countryman will be sharing the FAAR architecture with the upcoming BMW X1, which means sharing powertrains too. They will likely include 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged motors that are geared for those in the US market, and foreign markets could get three-cylinder motors as well. The Countryman does not include hybrid assistance in the base form however, a PHEV version may be made available.

2024 Mini Countryman Concept
2024 Mini Countryman Concept

Our sources confirm that Mini will come with the option of an electrical Countryman variant in the form of an e-crossover that will bring back that Paceman name. It will be smaller, sleeker, and geared towards electrification.

2024 Mini Countryman Revealed

We expect the next-generation Countryman to be announced towards the end of the year or around the beginning of 2023 with a US time frame of 2024.